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Survival Around The Web

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The internet is loaded with great information about survival, preparedness, homesteading, security, self-reliance, and literally just about anything you could possibly think of. I feel that it is important to share anything that could be valuable to all of us. Here are a few things that I found this last week:

SR’s [Steve Reichert] Handgun Caliber Choice and Why – For those of you who are not familiar with Steve, he is a medically retired Marine who after taking an IED blast in Iraq has moved on to be a big part of the firearms training world. In this article Steve uses his knowledge and expertise to outline his handgun caliber of choice and why that is a good choice.

Prepping on the Sly – This is a great article for those of us who have a spouse or significant other who think we are crazy for being concerned with preparedness. It is also a valuable resource for those who might be looking for a good place to get started with the survival and self-reliance lifestyle but are overwhelmed with how to get there.

The 25 Points of Hitler’s Nazi Party – This link was sent to me by a good friend and reveals what was essentially the outline of the core beliefs of the Hitler’s Nazi party. What resonates with me is how similar some of the Nazi party’s beliefs are to those of America’s current politicians and government officials. See if this sounds familiar:

10. The first duty of every citizen must be to work mentally or physically. No individual shall do any work that offends against the interest of the community to the benefit of all.

We can’t have anyone being offended now, can we? Of course, we would never do anything like force a sports team to change their name because of the perception of offense. Not in the United States anyway….right?

Self-Igniting Fire Starter – This is a great DIY on how to make your own fire starters that are not only self-starting, but if made properly will be waterproof as well. I like the concept and further appreciate the fact that they are simple to make. On a side note, one of the key elements to making these fire starters are strike anywhere matches which are becoming very close to impossible to find. If you are out and about and happen to notice these matches for sale anywhere, I would encourage you to stock up for you and your loved ones.

This wraps up my best finds of survival related gems around the web last week. I hope everyone has a blessed week and continues to prepare for any difficult times ahead.

What did you find last week that everyone could benefit from?

Prepping Gems From The Web

One of the great things about the internet is that it is always being updated. It is a constant and never ending process. While this is great, it also means that it is impossible to keep up with everything. With that in mind, here are a few items that I found over the last week or so that I though were worth passing on to you. Hopefully, there will be at least one thing of value to you.

Super Easy Survival Bread

This last  week I stumbled across a REALLY simple recipe for a bread that could easily be made in a survival situation or even just a time of personal economic difficulty. There are only four ingredients and an oven is not required. Check out the recipe from

12 Gauge is Enough Gun

In the last release of All Outdoor’s newsletter, they included an article on shotguns and why the 12 gauge caliber of shotgun is the universal do-it-all smoothbore gauge. It is a well versed take on why there should be no substitute for the 12 gauge when it comes to smoothbore firearms. Read the whole article here.

How To Hide Your House From Google Maps

This article originally appeared on Off The Grid News in October of last year and has the step by step instructions on how to block the street view of your house on Google maps. What is significant about this process is that it can also be used to block license plates, cars, or even people if you feel that you would rather not have you or your property on display to the world. Read the article as well as the necessary steps to complete the process here.

Yard Sale Prepping

The Backyard Pioneer shared a piece on prepping and the use of garage or yard sales to obtain items at a fraction of the price for which they could usually be acquired. While it is not a comprehensive list, there are some good pointers and the article highlights a solid strategy for preparing on a budget. Check it out here.

How To Plan A Bug Out Route For Emergency Evacuation

Graywolf Survival has a great article on how to plan a bug out route. Not only does the article cover how to plan a bug out route but also how to assess a route and the follow up steps that should be taken once you have selected your route(s). Plan your bug out route here.

Quick-Start Guide for Preparedness Newbies

If you have not had the chance to review it yet, James Wesley Rawles over at Survival Blog has compiled a wealth of pertinent survival information for the new prepper. While this info is geared toward newbies, it is a valuable reference for any level of survival minded individual. My recommendation would be printing a copy to keep as a guide to prioritize and keep track of your progress. View the guide here.

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How Would You Deal?

It is without fail that difficult times will bring about changes in people. Some changes will be for the better as some rise to the occasion and do the best they can to care for themselves and others while some changes will be for the worst as some choose to use the situation to victimize and cause chaos. I recently stumbled across a list that was put together by user P-14 on the NortheastShooters forum that is essentially a collection of bullet points that summarize FerFal’s experience with the Argentinian collapse in 2001. This experience has been outlined in FerFal’s book, The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse
, as well as several published articles which is where P-14 formed their list. One of the most captivating things about FerFal and his experiences is the fact that it was not all that long ago that these events happened.

While the entire list highlights important information to know and prepare for, I was particularly intrigued by the Crime and Insecurity section which shares FerFal’s perspective on things in Argentina but also seemed strangely familiar to me on many points. I was taken back to my combat experience in Iraq when dealing with armed conflict and insurgency. If anything, this reinforces to me the fact that many preparations can be made that have wide ranging applications. It also seems that it is better to think about these things now as opposed to later when we may be experiencing things first hand. Here is the summary:

  • Allow no one inside your house.
  • “Letting a criminal inside your house almost guaranties that he will rape/beat/torture and abuse whoever they find inside.”
  • Always make sure you have a weapon on you.
  • Most dangerous time of the day – Leaving or entering your house…“Criminals wait until you are standing on front of the door with the keys on your hand to jump on you.”
  • Be extra alert when approaching your house. Look all around and if you see anything strange, keep walking around the block or keep on driving.
  • “No door is ever opened when there is a strange person around.”
  • “Whenever someone knocks on our door (and we don’t know him/her), they are answered from a second story window.”
  • “Criminals sometimes disguised as electric company guys or something like that, saying that they have to fix something. Say NO!”
  • “Better to be rude than dead.”
  • “No one leaves a door or window opened or unlocked. Nor do they hang out in front of the house talking to friends. A bad guy might just see you there, like a sitting duck, pull a gun on you and take you inside your house.”
  • “Criminals are not stupid, and they will spend days checking the place and especially YOUR ROUTINE.”
  • “Sometimes they just drive up to where you are working, if you are far away from the home, but most of the time they sneak up on you.”
  • “The most frequent kind of attack is attacking by surprise when you enter/leave your home.”
  • There is no “safe” hour of the day.
  • “Eyes and ears wide open when you enter/leave your home. If possible, keep a gun in your hand when doing either one.”
  • “If you approach the house with a large number of people they will leave.”
  • Types of crime will range from highly organized gangs/cartels/mafia to simple street crime.
  • Police will handle most organized crime.
  • Kidnappings: Expect 2 or 3 a day in your [suburban/urban] neighborhood.
  • Perps may be wearing police/federal body armor.

Car & Driving:

  1. Windows and doors have to be closed at all times.
  2. A weapon must be within arms reach.
  3. You never stop at a red light or stop sign unless there is traffic, especially at night.
  4. Traffic lights were turned yellow at night.
  5. Accidents at nights were frequent and brutal.
  6. Be prepared to use the car as a weapon – do not stop for anyone standing in front of your car.
  7. “Every now and then someone tries to force me to stop my car by standing in front of it, in the middle of the street. I just aim at them and accelerate at full speed. They always jump out of the way before I hit them.”
  8. “I would have bought a 4×4, even though I live in the city.
  • A 4×4 allows you to drive over the sidewalk or through wasteland, away from roadblocks or riots.
  • I’ve see those that have 4x4s simply go off road, climb over a boulevard and leave while the rest of us poor car owners have to stay.”
  • “A 4×4 truck also has more mass and power in case that someone tries to cut you off or rams you with the car. It’s less likely to stop running if you hit someone or several people (in a riot situation) since it’s prepared for cross country use and the engine is much more protected.”

Children At Play:

  1. “There are absolutely NO kids playing on the sidewalks at all, at any time of the day. Maybe a kid rides his bike a few meters on the sidewalk, but always under the supervision of an adult. A kid riding a bike on his own will get that bike stolen in no time, probably get hurt in the process, therefore no responsible parent leaves a kid alone on the street.
  2. “No parent worth a buck leaves his son or daughter in hands of a stranger.”
  • “Old people and women are especially vulnerable. After old people and women and children, come small framed people, the smaller you are, the weaker you look, the more likely you are to be chosen as a victim by a bad guy.”

This information is thought provoking at a minimum and could very well offer the insight necessary to survive a tough time or dangerous encounter.

Camo Nets At Ready Made Resources

Prepared Ninja supporter Ready Made Resources has a rare opportunity for those who might be looking to add a difficult to locate military specification, radar scattering camouflage net system to their inventory of preps. There have been 9 new sets of camo nets that have been added to the inventory at Ready Made Resources that are available for purchase. These are priced very fairly at $349 and include free shipping. I have not seen this same quality and condition of camo netting at such a great price, with free shipping to top it off.

Here is what you get for your money:

  • 30′ by 30′ Octagonal Piece
  • 15′ by 15′ Square Piece
  • Repair Kit
  • User Manual
  • Carry Bag
  • These nets can be spray painted to vary the color pattern.

If you are interested in checking out these camouflage nets, follow this link to Ready Made Resources online store.

Win An Echo-Sigma Get Home Bag!

There is a great opportunity to win a Get Home Bag from Echo-Sigma and the American Prepper’s Network (APN), but there are just over 24 hours to get in on this opportunity! In addition to the opportunity to win the Get Home Bag, every person that enters will receive a free copy of the mini ebook, ‘It’s a disaster and what are you gonna do about it?’ at the conclusion of the giveaway. Click on the picture below to be taken to the contest or follow this link to the Rafflecopter giveaway!

Safeguard Armor GHOST Giveaway!

Safeguard Armor has launched a new giveaway on their Facebook page. This month in celebration of the launch of their new GHOST™ Bullet, Knife Edge and Spike Proof Vest…..they have decided to give a set away!
Safeguard GHOST
The GHOST™ Covert Vest is extremely lightweight and boasts one of smallest carrier designs in the world. It offers up to level IIIa ballistic protection and can be upgraded with edged blade and spike protection.
All Safeguard protective panels are made from 100% Kevlar!To be entered all you have to do is:
1. Go to the Safeguard Armor Facebook page.2. Share the giveaway post.3. Like their page.That is it! The winner will be selected at random. The giveaway closes on the 30th of September 2013. Good Luck!


Are You Geared 2 Survive?

Marc Lacrimosa from runs a great online survival and preparedness store as well as hosting a radio show, Gear2Survive, on the USA Emergency Broadcasting Network. Marc also has a store location in Winder, Georgia for those that might want to check it out! In addition to dedicating so much of his time to survival, he is a knife guru! It is well worth the time to check out his radio program to learn about the gear required to survive a myriad of situations.

The man behind Gear2Survive was willing to share a little survival insight and here is what he had to say:

  • If I were limited to only one firearm for survival, I would own an AK 47 7.62 X 39 CAL.
  • The single most overlooked prep is water and fire preparedness.
  • The first thing to disappear following a disaster will be electricity and water.
  • If I could have a retreat anywhere in the world, it would it be in the Northeast Georgia mountains near North Carolina with 10-20 acres and water.
  • In my opinion, the best commercially produced survival food on the market today is Wise Foods.
  • The items that I have on me at all times include: A Chris Reeves Project II Knife, Glock 23 .40 cal., and a small evasion style bug out bag, loaded.
  • The last book that I read was Home Defense Prepping.
  • One thing that I would miss the most if an EMP shifted my lifestyle back to the 1800’s would be electricity.
  • Stuck on an island and forced to choose one person to survive with, I would pick my wife as my survival partner.
  • The vehicle I drive is a 2005 Dodge 1500 Quad Cab.

I would like to thank Marc for sharing a little bit about what his thoughts are on survival. Make sure to swing by his site and check out all the great survival and preparedness items. You can also catch Marc on Facebook, YouTube, and his blog.

Surviving With Survivor Jane

There is a plethora of intelligent and helpful people in the survival and preparedness community and today I have the pleasure of featuring one of the best, Survivor Jane, in a short interview where she shares some of her insight into preparedness.

Make sure to check out Jane on Facebook, Twitter, and don’t miss the wealth of knowledge that can be gleaned from her website.

Q: If I were limited to only one firearm for survival, I would own a…

A: Actually, although I do recommend that a person have the three (3) essential firearms in their home for protection and security; a handgun, shotgun and rifle, I always stress that we need to think outside of the box for self-defense and not rely solely on firearms.  For some having a firearm could be more detrimental than helpful in a tense situation.  But, to answer your question in a generalized way, if I were put in a position of only having access to one firearm, my hope would be that it was a shotgun.

Q: The single most overlooked prep item is…

A: A poncho. It is one of the most versatile items you could have in your survival preps. It can keep you dry and warm, it can be used to create shelter, you can use it for water collection and, if need be could hold enough air to keep you afloat in water – just to name a few uses.

Q: The first thing to disappear following a disaster will be…

A: Well this really depends.  What I mean by this is … during Hurricane Katrina I saw a lady on TV wading in chest deep water holding a Dyson vacuum cleaner over her head.  A person’s priorities can get displaced before and after a disaster. I remember going into a store to buy some hurricane lantern oil before Hurricane Andrew and people were panic buying.  Some of the things they were getting made no sense.  It was as if they knew they needed to buy but just didn’t know what to get.  I always suggest to people that they need to think ‘basic needs’ to help then decide what they need to buy. Water, food, shelter, warmth, protection and, first-aid.  But if I had to say one thing … okay two things, I’d say plywood and generators.

Q: If I could have a retreat anywhere in the world, it would be…

A: Lucky me, I actually moved to my retreat in Western North Carolina from Florida (which to me is a death trap should a major catastrophe happen – with only one way out.)  I now live in a passive solar home on a defensible piece of property, with a large garden and small farm animals.  To me the size of the property is not as critical as water.  If you don’t have access to a stream, pond or river then a good rain water collection system is a must.  This is huge!  No water – no life.

Q: In my opinion, the best commercially produced survival food on the market today is…

A: Hmmm. Okay that’s a hard one. I am all about redundancy and that goes for food as well.  But, I don’t think people should just rely on commercial “survival food” alone.   I think we all need to have the basics like flour, sugar, rice, salt, spices and cornmeal, etc. (all stored in appropriate air tight containers or packaging.)  Then have canned goods, dehydrated foods and preserved foods.  And lastly, commercial survival foods.   So many people get caught up in the consumer part of survival by try to buy everything without giving thought to what happens if these items are destroyed, go bad or any number of other factors that could come into play.  Don’t be like the one person that I spoke with who purchased tons (a lot) of #10 cans of mac/cheese for their kids because that is what they were used to eating at home.  Then during Super Storm Sandy they made some of the canned mac/cheese for the kids and they hated it.  Now they are stuck with all those cans.  I would suggest trying several of the commercial survival foods brands – there are definitely differences in taste and texture. Remember these survival food cans may be all you have to eat so you want to like them. Also, don’t just store your food.  Use it and rotate it.  First in – First out. This goes for the commercial cans too.

Q: The items that I have on me at all times include…

A: My go-bag is with me at all times.  But I always have paracord in the form of a bracelet, and in my EDC bag I carry a folding knife, a multi-tool, a poncho, small first-aid kit, water purification tablets, iodine tables, a face mask, gloves, small manicure set, goggles, a solar blanket, a small flashlight, a whistle and a self-defense pen.

Q: The last book that I read was…

A: I am currently reading a great book for review titled: ‘Jingling Our Change’ by Kelli Otting and, without creating a spoiler alert – I’ll suffice it to say it’s not too far from where this Country may be heading.

Q: One thing that I would miss the most if an EMP shifted my lifestyle back to the 1800’s would be…

A: Hmmm, again.  I am really working hard towards an off-grid existence but I’m not quite there yet.  I guess I’d say one thing that comes to mind is ice to keep things frozen until I can preserve them.  When it rains it pours at harvest time and sometimes all I can do is freeze something until I can dehydrate or preserve it.

Q: Stuck on an island and forced to choose one person to survive with, I would pick…

A: Wow.  Good question.  I’d have to say I’m pretty happy with my prepper-mate – so I’d pick him – forced or not. Trust is very important when forming survival alliances. Just because someone has skills and knowledge does not mean they will have ‘your’ best interests when the poo-hits-the-fan.

Q: The vehicle I drive is…

A: I don’t really like to get into too personal of information and this question kinda boarders on that.    Now if you would like to know what vehicle I’d like to have… it would be one of those awesome all-terrain armored vehicles with the machine-gun mounted on the top. Just sayin’.

Don’t miss out! Tomorrow, August 1st, 2013, Survivor Jane will be live Tweeting from the Press Event & Premier (On Location) of National Geographic’s new series, Doomsday Castle.

Monitoring The Pulse of Survival

Do you ever find yourself going from site to site and blog to blog looking for the latest and greatest information? We live in a world with a myriad of resources available on the internet and the preparedness and survival niche is no exception. While there are many sites that are constantly churning out new content and information, there are few sites that collect and post some of the best content in the prepper realm on a daily basis. Enter Survival Pulse, a one stop shop for the best survival, preparedness, and alternative news, updated daily.


Survival Guy, the brains behind the Survival Pulse operation, does a bang up job of highlighting some of the day’s best web content. Each day, new links are posted to the Survival Pulse website and there is even a ‘link of the day’ featured as well. The links are even neatly categorized in the following categories for easy navigation:

  • General Preparedness
  • Planning
  • Protection
  • Food
  • Water
  • Medical
  • Financial
  • Alternative News

In addition to the daily content updates, Survival Pulse maintains a list of some of the best and active websites in the survival and preparedness arena. The end result is a valuable resource. Time is precious and some days it is just not possible to check every possible website out there. Some are new to the area of prepping and are not sure of where to get started. For others, convenience just can’t be beaten. To all those who are in search of answers, check out the Survival Pulse and keep your finger on the pulse of survival.

Survival Insight With Survival Sherpa

This week I have the pleasure of sharing some perspective on survival from Todd at Survival Sherpa. Thank you to Todd for sharing his views on preparedness and some of the challenges that would face us in the event of a disaster.
1. If I were limited to only one firearm for survival, I would own a: Depends on the survival scenario. In wilderness survival, I’d have to choose my Ruger 10/22 with my homemade paracord sling. Paracord is the duct tape of wilderness survival and has many handy uses. Plus, .22 ammo is cheap, compact, and doesn’t make a big boom. With proper aim and shot placement, I’ve heard of many big game kills with this humble little gun. That’s the rumor.
In an urban/suburban SHTF event, I’d upgrade to an AR platform in 5.56 or 7.62 or both.
2. The single most overlooked prep item is: Whole civilizations were built around containers. I’m a container hoarder – to Dirt Road Girl’s chagrin. Coffee cans, altoid tins, washtubs, glass jars, mason jars (with lids, of course), barrels, and different sized buckets.
3. The first thing to disappear following a disaster will be: Food and water on Wally World’s shelves. The unprepared panic like a hungry swarm of locust. It happens down south where we live with a light dusting of snow.
4. If I could have a retreat anywhere in the world, it would be: My parents place where I grew up – minus the gnats. There’s plenty of natural resources, water, animals (domesticated and wild), woodlots, farm land, family, and neighbors with the same self-sufficient mindset. Now if I could magically move all that to a sparsely populated state/area, I’d do so in a minute. It’s a bit too close to large population centers for my liking.
In the mean time, I keep doing the stuff here. Bloom where we’re planted. Unless I hear from God to uproot and leave family, I’m staying put.
5. In my opinion, the best commercially produced survival food on the market today is: The advice of our prepper world is to store what you eat and eat what you store. Hum, since I don’t eat wheat based products or processed foods, I don’t have a “best” commercially produced survival food to recommend. After converting to a Primal/Paleo style of eating over three years ago, I don’t purchase conventional survival foods. We aim for a 6 month to one year supply of nutrient dense whole foods. I wrote about my Primal Pantry if anyone is interested. We do have a few freeze dried camping meals in our go bags in case of an emergency. As a Primal Prepper, I’m always on the look out for new, creative ways to store what we eat – a caveman’s diet of sorts.
6. The items that I have on me at all times include: A flashlight (Streamlight ProTac 2L), phone, reading glasses, Alice that goes boom boom, swiss army folding knife, wallet, duct tape wrapped in around an old card in my wallet, chap stick, small Bic lighter, and toothpicks (I’ve been addicted to chewing them since I was kid). On exercise outings in the woods or around town I carry my Camel-bak pack with all these goodies – plus water. I never use ear buds to listen to music or podcasts when I’m running or exercising in public. When running barefoot, I’m able to sneak up on people when they aren’t distracted by music. With ear buds blaring, I could roll up behind them on a Harley unnoticed.
7. The last book that I read wasAntifragile: Things that Gain from Disorder by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, the bestselling author of The Black Swan. It’s not light reading, but very applicable to prepping and life in general. I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t read it.
8. One thing that I would miss the most if an EMP shifted my lifestyle back to the 1800’s would be: Technology/communicaitons. I’m writing this now on modern technology. You’re reading it through the same medium. Even though I adhere as much as possible to the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Sherpa Simple) method of living, I would miss the access to technology and being able to communicate electronically… for a time.
9. Stuck on an island and forced to choose one person to survive with, I would pick: Chuck Norris. Seriously, Dirt Road Girl, my beautiful wife and partner. We’re doing the stuff, together. She’s proven her survival skills many times. The latest was beating stage 4 cancer.
10. If I could own any vehicle, it would be: Now I drive a Toyota Forerunner and my neighbor’s truck. I sold my truck to help with cancer bills. DRG drives a Nissan Xterra. I’d love to own a 1969 Ford Branco one day. Something I can work on without computers. For two wheels I’d go with a Kawasaki KLR650 dual sport since I sold my Harley.
Thanks again to Todd. Make sure to check out Survival Sherpa online, on Facebook, and on Twitter.

Q & A with Tess Pennington of Ready Nutrition

This week’s prepperview is with Tess Pennington of Ready Nutrition, a site packed with information on homesteading, preparedness, disaster and emergency planning. Whether you are looking for prepping supplies, recipes, information, or alternative medicine, Ready Nutrition has it. Thank you to Tess for the time and effort that she took to answer my questions.

The Prepared Ninja Prepperview


1. If I were limited to only one firearm for survival, I would own a: Wow… that’s a tough one. We have a few different types of guns and rifles around here, but I’m pretty partial to my .9 mm Smith and Wesson M&P. I have been training with this handgun the most and feel very comfortable using it.

2. The single most overlooked prep item is: A very practical but overlooked prep item is duct tape. Preppers should have a large supply of this stuff.

  • You can protect your home and windows from storms
  • Waterproof essential gear  ( In WWII soldiers used duct tape to keep water out of ammunition cases)
  • Fix leaks in gear or boats
  • Make emergency shoes
  • Winterproof shoes and boots
  • Make cordage
  • Repairs glasses
  • Makeshift band-aid
  • Can be used to repair leaking hoses in cars

Just to name a few…

3. The first thing to disappear following a disaster will be: Water. At the last minute, the unprepared will flock to the stores to purchase water and the demand will be so high the stores will be unable to fill it. Having water stored as well as ways to filter and treat it will give you an advantage.

4. If I could have a retreat anywhere in the world, it would be: My ideal retreat would be in the mountains of Oregon on 30+ acres with a large water source nearby. Although the terrain can be rough, it would be nice to be nestled in a valley where I can have a large garden, timber for fuel and a large grazing area for livestock. And let’s not forget about a fantastic view.

5. In my opinion, the best commercially produced survival food on the market today is: You can never go wrong with beans and rice. Both foods are extremely versatile, can be eaten for any mealtime, have long shelf lives and best of all – they are cheap! But, when they are combined together, they make a complete protein, which would be essential in a survival situation.

6. The items that I have on me at all times include: As a mother of three, I have to be ready for all types of “mini” emergencies that will come up. So, I carry a hiking daypack with me and include a pocket knife, 1 water bottle, granola bar/snacks, emergency whistle, $20, notepad/pen, chapstick, cell phone and a small first aid kit.

7. The last book that I read was: Self-Reliance and Other Essays by Ralph Waldo Emerson

8. One thing that I would miss the most if an EMP shifted my lifestyle back to the 1800’s would be: I would definitely miss the constant supply of running water. I’ve been in off-grid situations before, one event was for 2+ weeks and not having water was tough.

As a prepper, I have water stored as well as multiple ways to filter and treat it, but it sure is convenient to have large amounts readily available for laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc.

9. Stuck on an island and forced to choose one person to survive with, I would pick: My husband, Mac. He is a partner in many ways, we understand each other on many levels, are both like-minded and we both know that we can rely on each other. You can’t ask for anything better than that!

10. The vehicle I drive is: I am a mom of three, a Girl Scout leader and soccer mom – so I’m sporting the mini-van. I’d love to say that I have a souped up survival truck, but I don’t.

We are planning on investing in some mountain bikes for the family. It’s a great way to exercise, cut down on gasoline and it’s the ULTIMATE off grid form of transportation.

Tess Pennington is the author of The Prepper’s Cookbook: 300 Recipes to Turn Your Emergency Food into Nutritious, Delicious, Life-Saving Meals. When a catastrophic collapse cripples society, grocery store shelves will empty within days. But if you follow this book’s plan for stocking, organizing and maintaining a proper emergency food supply, your family will have plenty to eat for weeks, months or even years. Visit her web site at

10 ?’s with Damian Brindle of reThinkSurvival

This is the first of what I hope to be a series of several “prepperviews” (interviews with preparedness professionals).

Damian Brindle from reThinkSurvival was kind enough to give us some insight into his views on preparedness and survival. I found his answers both informative and entertaining. For those that are not familiar with his site, make sure to check it out at It is loaded with great information, YouTube videos that are posted daily, and the Pathway 2 Preparedness course.


Here is what Damian had to say…

Please don’t consider me a professional. I’m just another American trying to better prepare his family for whatever might come our way… nothing more, nothing less.

1. If I were limited to only one firearm for survival, I would own a: Ruger 10/22 (or something similar) for a variety of basic survival reasons, including cost of ammo, ease of use, versatility around a homestead, etc.

2. The single most overlooked prep item are: buckets—and plenty of them—in all sizes. They have so many uses, from hauling water to storing food, caching supplies, as a makeshift toilet, wash station, and plenty more uses. Be sure to include the lids too!

3. The first thing to disappear following a disaster will be: whatever it is you failed to stock up on yesterday. :) But, if I had to be pinned down then I would say gasoline because nobody knows how to do anything if they can’t use their cars.

4. If I could have a retreat anywhere in the world, it would be: wherever nobody else has thought of and, sadly, I’m pretty sure there are no more hiding places on Earth. That said, it would probably still be here in America, specifically the northwest. I would need a plentiful water resource and a lot of trees to harvest. Beyond that, I could make do fairly well with whatever I’m presented with.

5. In my opinion, the best commercially produced survival food on the market today is: anything made by Mountain House. I know there are plenty of freeze-dried food choices but I tend to like their products, particularly the spaghetti and lasagna meals.

6. The items that I have on me at all times include: my keys, cell phone, a USB drive with pertinent info (encrypted, of course), a photon keychain light, CRKT folding knife, kubotan, wallet with assorted supplies (e.g., credit card Fresnel lens, bandages, some OTC meds, duct tape, etc), and occasionally a Leatherman Wave with a firesteel and another mini light.

7. The last book that I read was: a review of Fight, Flight, or Hide. The Guide to a Mass Shooting. One of these days I’ll get to reading classic novels instead of survival and preparedness info… one day.

8. One thing that I would miss the most if an EMP shifted my lifestyle back to the 1800’s would be: music. But, if we’re relatively prepared then we should be able to play a few favorite tunes every now and then without much trouble.

9. Stuck on an island and forced to choose one person to survive with, I would pick: my wonderful wife as my survival partner. Gee, how could I not… she might read this?

10. The vehicle I drive is: a lowly Saturn Sedan. Some day it will be a tank, I swear it. ;)

Thank you to Damian for sharing with us. Keep an eye out for future prepperviews with professionals from the survival and preparedness niche.

Breaking News SHOCKER…

In an announcement today, Kevin Jackson, Executive Director of Black Sphere, LLC, radio show host, writer, and businessman, shocked the world with his announcement that he is NOT gay. There is no word yet how this will impact his career but there were many rumors that there would be a celebratory coming out party tonight for all of his close friends and family.

An unnamed resource close to Mr. Jackson spoke on the condition of anonymity and said,

I always kind of suspected that Kevin, you know, was straight. But I did not really expect him to make it so public.

Many liberals have already started making accusations that Jackson is merely trying to push his conservative agenda and gain strength within the straight community.

For a complete account of this announcement, see Kevin’s page, The Black Sphere.

Recruiting Civilians For The Police State

Who wants $500??? In today’s economy it would be hard to find someone that would say no to that offer, and that is exactly what the state of New York is banking on. A memorandum from the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services that was recently leaked, outlines a new program that would reward snitches with $500 cash for informing on anyone who possesses an “illegal” firearm according to the newly passed SAFE Act. The Facebook page of the Troy Record states that,

NY State has established a toll-free tip line – 1-855-GUNSNYS (1-855- 486-7697) to encourage residents to report illegal firearm possession. The tip line also allows for information to be submitted via text – individuals can text GUNTIP and their message to CRIMES (274637). The New York State Police staff the tip line 24 hours a day. Upon receiving a call, troopers will solicit as much information as possible regarding a firearm tip then contact the appropriate police agency with the lead to initiate an investigation. If the information leads to an arrest for the illegal possession of a firearm, the “tipster” will be awarded $500.

It almost seems as if this campaign borrows a page from the Department of Homeland Security’s, “See Something, Say Something” propaganda machine. Now you won’t just have to worry about your government coming after you, but your neighbors and friends too.

Other sources have reported:

WRGB in Albany has a breaking news story posted to their Facebook page, claiming that the state of New York is offering up bribes for people to rat out those possessing illegal firearms – an interesting development considering the adoption of the new anti-Second Amendment SAFE Act legislation. In other words, a firearm that may have been obtained legally could become illegal under the SAFE Act, and anybody who knows you possess said firearm can report you and earn themselves a cool $500.

In addition to the Facebook page, Pat Bailey, a reporter from at CBS 6 in Albany, tweeted that he has a letter from the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services explaining the reward program. According to Bailey, the Governor’s Office is claiming that the program is well over a year old. But the head of the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association says that if that is accurate, “it was a well kept secret”.

*Many thanks to J.V. for contributing this information. Source of original article:

Top Ten Doomsday Theories of 2013

Have you ever wondered what others are concerned about that causes them to prep? Check out this info-graphic that was compiled from a survey conducted by SimplyHike. It outlines the top ten theories that might result in a doomsday scenario in the opinion of those surveyed.

Why do you prep?

Doomsday Prepping Theories 2013 from Simply Hike
Published with permission from SimplyHike


The Prepared Ninja Is On Facebook!

After much delay and dragging of feet I have set up a page on Facebook. I am wondering why I waited so long. After messing with our page this week I have realized that it is significantly faster and easier to share useful information and news on Facebook that might not otherwise make it to the Prepared Ninja website. Hopefully the combination of these pages will increase the amount of information that we can share from The Prepared Ninja.

For those that don’t know, we are on Twitter also. Check us out – @preparedninja.

Come visit us on our social media pages, give us a like and share us with your friends and family!

Planning An Evacuation

If you get the chance, there is a great article about planning an evacuation on Personal Liberty Digest. I will confess that I am a bit biased in that I am the one that wrote the article! Never the less, there is some decent information that should be considered in the event that you find yourself in the position that you must evacuate a threatened area. By the way, you should think about an evacuation now…far before you may ever need to evacuate. While you are over there, take a look at the other content that is available. There are some great articles on a variety of different subjects that can be helpful with getting prepared.

Two Invaluable Prepping Resources

There are almost an infinite number of survival/prepping websites out there and many of them have a ton of great information on them but there are a some that I would consider to be consistently invaluable. As a side note, since there are so many survival and prepping websites, thank you for taking some of your valuable time to spend it here at The Prepared Ninja. There are many sites that I have spent time and found some useful information but when considering the time spent to useful information found ratio, it leaves something to be desired. Other sites where I have spent time yield a gold mine of information in short periods of time which is what I would like to share with you all today.

The two places I consistently get my modern survival/self-reliance inspiration and information from are:

The Survival Podcast – Jack Spirko is the voice of this daily podcast that is, “Helping you live a better life, if times get tough or even if they don’t.” There is not an episode that I can recall that I did not get something of benefit from it. Jack is also the king of guest interviews and will have just about every subject matter expert on just about every subject in his archives. If for some reason you don’t find the interview you are looking for, let Jack know and he will most likely make every reasonable effort to make the interview happen. As an added bonus, I love the fact that TSP is a podcast which allows me to listen to it while I am in the car. Since I travel a fair amount for work, I can listen to a good amount of modern survival info while I drive.

The Survivalist Blog – MD Creekmore is the keeper of The Survivalist Blog and rolls out some outstanding new content on a regular basis as well as maintaining an archive of over 3,000 survival and self-reliance related articles. My favorite piece of content that I look forward to every week from MD though is the weekly feature, “What Did You Do To Prep This Week?” where MD outlines his weekly preparedness activities for the week and in turn his readers respond with their prepping efforts and usually a healthy discussion ensues.

Both of these resources are outstanding and if there were only two survival/self-reliance communities that I could be a part of it would be The Survival Podcast and The Survivalist Blog.

Some other resources that are extremely valuable that I subscribe to and use on a regular basis include:

The Survival Mom – Lisa Bedford AKA The Survival Mom has a website that is overflowing with information and resources that can help you, your family, loved ones, friends, and community members get through tough times such as natural disasters, economic collapse, or even how to live a simpler life through practicing basic skills. The Survival Mom also offers free online classes and webinars on a regular basis which are a great value that can be enjoyed by anyone without cost.

Modern Survival Online – Run by Rourke, MSO is focused on survival, self-reliance, preparedness, firearms, and thoughts on the world of today. Rourke has a fairly extensive database of downloadable resources ranging from gardening to terrorism and everything in between. If you enjoy writing, make sure to check out Modern Survival Online’s guest writing contest while you are on the site. Another great opportunity that exists on MSO is the list of every post that has ever been published on the site which without having tried, I would have to guess would take just about an entire day to completely digest it all.

SHTF Plan – Mac Slavo runs a great ship over at SHTF Plan. While there is some great information about survival, what I rely on this site for is information about the economy and government operations that you can’t find anywhere else. The SHTF community is also very interactive which allows for its readers to not only benefit from the published content but also from the opportunity to converse with each other in the comments section.

Hopefully you are already benefitting from some, if not all, of these resources but if you are not I would encourage you to take a look at them. One or more of these websites may prove to be a valuable asset in assisting you in preparing for difficult times.

Do you have a favorite prepping resource that I didn’t mention? Mention it in the comments section below!

How To Make A Book Safe

I saw this video from The Daily Prep on YouTube and thought that it would be something that would be valuable to pass along. It seems like a fairly straight forward project and an old hardback book can be acquired at a low cost or free from a friend, library sale, thrift store, university, or school. Besides a solid book, all you need is white glue and a razor knife and you will have an extra hiding place that will fit in almost anywhere. This is a great addition to a home security plan. Check out the video and if you like what Dan has to say make sure you leave a comment for him and subsribe to his YouTube channel.

What is the best homemade hiding place that you can think of or have created?

Friday Survival Scoop

Another week has come to an end and that means another round of the latest and greatest survival and disaster preparedness offerings that are available on the web. This week we have insight into the seven packaged foods you won’t have to buy again, choosing where to bug-in, the regular guy strategy, and medical preparations for your family.

The Nickel Pincher: 7 Packaged Foods You Never Need to Buy Again by Jean Nick from Rodale

This is a great article about seven store packaged foods that most families or individuals buy at that store that can also be made easily and affordably at home. The seven foods include crackers, corn tortillas, chips, yogurt, mayo/salad dressings, energy bars, and soda. The article also points out that by making these foods on your own, you can lose weight, save money, reduce the amount of packaging used, and also consume fewer chemicals when eating the same foods.

Bugging-In; Choose Your Location Wisely by Butch C. from Prep-Blog

Butch from the Prep-Blog gives additional thought in this post to his plan to bug-in in the event of a disaster. There is emphasis given to specific areas to consider when planning to stay put versus deciding to leave in a disaster. The specific areas to evaluate include:

  • Natural disasters that could occur in the area.
  • Man-made disasters that are possible in the area.
  • The distance of your location from any major towns or cities.
These are all serious considerations to keep in mind. More in-depth information can be obtained from reading the article.

The Regular Guy Strategy: Escaping Prepper Prison from SurvivalSherpa

The SurvivalSherpa does a great job of outlining the fact that sometimes being a prepper can feel a lot like being in prison. Why you ask? Because if you don’t keep what you are doing quiet you could get labeled a weirdo by your friends or even worse, a “homegrown” terrorist by your government. The Sherpa talks about building community, developing regular guy skills, and to prioritize tasks like a regular guy which allows the reader to look at prepping tasks from a basic perspective.

Medical Prepping in Three Months: A Guide to Safeguarding Your Family — Part 1 of 2 by Dr. Cynthia J. Koelker from SurvivalBlog

While this is only part one of a two-part series, this article is packed with information on how to medically prepare your family, group, community medically over a three-month period. The concepts contained include everything from establishing a means of keeping medical records all the way to identifying different rashes. Medical needs are addressed not only from direct patient care but also from learning the skills needed to treat patients as well as building community, medical resources, and preventive medicine. Because this is part one of two it covers weeks one through six of the three-month plan but will still provide you plenty of “food” for thought to help get you medically prepared for the worst.

What survival or preparedness articles caught your eye around the web this week?

Friday Survival Scoop

It’s Friday again and here is another batch of some of the tasty tidbits of survival and preparedness that the web had to offer this week. Check out these articles on the state of global food reserves, the pros and cons of popular water storage containers, knife care and maintenance, and signaling considerations for your vehicle emergency kit.

Global Food Reserves Have Reached Their Lowest Level In Almost 40 Years by Michael Snyder on Alt-Market

This article expounds upon the increasing global food crisis and highlights the fact that food consumption throughout the world for six out of the last eleven years has exceeded production. The end state has been the lowest level of global food reserves in almost four decades. Forecasters are also saying that if the trend continues, the world’s food supply is only one event away from global disaster and chaos. There is also a great quote included from the world bank that is eye-opening.

Pros and Cons of Popular Water Storage Containers on Food Storage and Survival

After surveying readers on what storage containers they use for water, Food Storage and Survival compiled the results and now are discussing some of the pros and cons of the different containers. The water storage containers discussed include gallon jugs, water bottles, refilled PETE bottles like 2 liter soda bottles, 5 gallon hard plastic jugs, 30-55 gallon drum, waterbrick, water bladder, and even cover emergency water boxes and pouches. The author also mentions the fact that they live in a “super small” house and lists the combination of water storage containers that they use.

Knife Care and Maintenance by FerFAL on The Modern Survivalist

This is half article and half YouTube video from one of the best known proponents of modern survivalism, Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre. The title says it all though, knife care and maintenance. A knife is a tool. It is a tool that could save your life some day though so make sure to maintain your knife/knives. For those who are not familiar with FerFAL, he is a native Argentinian and lived through the economic collapse that occurred in 2001 in his home country. This makes him and all of his writings, interviews, videos, and other resources that he had created incredibly valuable because his is a voice of experience.

Signaling Considerations for Your Vehicle Emergency Kit by Bryan Black on ITS Tactical

This is a great piece on some of the different possibilities that are available for signaling in the event of a vehicle emergency. Bryan Black from ITS not only covers some of the options that you may want to keep in your vehicle emergency kit but also recounts some of the requirements that every driver should look at when considering these options. On a side note, if you are not familiar with the work of Bryan Black or ITS Tactical, take a few minutes to look around the site. I am sure that you will find at least a few more interesting and useful tidbits. One of my favorites is Skilcraft – Pen of the U.S. Government.

Did you spot another great preparedness related article this week on the web? Post a link in the comments section and share it with everyone else!


Prepper Gems From The Web

It’s Friday again and that means another dose of the best preparedness, survival, and liberty-minded stories that the internet has to offer. This week brings stories of tragedy, precious metals as currency, stylish concealed carry, alternatives to a bugout location, and some of the oft-forgotten survival preps.

4 Lessons From Our Personal SHTF Event by Todd Walker from Survival Sherpa

In this article Todd takes us through a very difficult time in his life and shares how his own personal disaster has taught him four lessons that can help the prepper deal with life’s curveballs. On a personal note, I would like to thank Todd for putting his story out there so that other’s may benefit from the difficulties he has been forced to endure. You are respected for your intestinal fortitude, sir.

13 States Now Considering Gold and Silver as Money by Simple Man from Backwoods Survival Blog

This post is an interesting tidbit on thirteen different states within the Union that have either passed legislation, are in the process of, or are considering legislation that makes gold and silver bullion legal tender.

The Stylish Man’s Guide to Concealed Carry by Antonio from The Art of Manliness

ZZ Top would love this article. This is the how-to guide for the sharp dressed man that will assist him in concealing his firearm while out on the town. The approach in this article is methodical and covers choosing a firearm, selecting a method of carry, assembling your wardrobe, and enlisting the assistance of a tailor to accomplish this mission.

Alternatives to a Bugout Location – What You Should Consider by Holly Deyo from SHTF Plan

This is a great article about facing the realities of having a bugout location. A hard look is taken at some of the threats that Americans face during our current economic and political climate as well as what some of the realistic options are for bugging out or getting away from these tough situations. One of the greatest offerings in this article is alternatives available to those who don’t have the financial resources to purchase a bugout location.

The Most Often Forgotten Survival Preparations by Brandon Smith from Alt-Market

Brandon Smith from Alt-Market takes a look at some of the overlooked considerations, skills, and preparations that are commonly missed by the modern-day prepper. Some of these things may seem obvious to some and others may seem obscure but it never hurts to be reminded of what we could do better or what we might need to tighten up.

Hope you all had a great week and have great plans for the weekend. Stay safe as the cold weather approaches!

Friday! Friday! Friday!

It’s Friday again and that means a few highlights for the prepper from the preppers around the web. This weeks highlights cover low-cost preps, every day carry, and a warning from a federal officer.

18- Low-Cost Ways to Start Prepping from PreppingToSurvive

New to prepping? Not sure where to start? Intimidated by the perceived cost? Prepping To Survive covers eighteen ways to start prepping for disaster in this piece that include things like doing research, budgeting, learning to tie basic knots, exercise, or learn to make repairs around your home. This article provides a great way to get started in emergency preparedness that involves more time than money which is great for the beginner.

Everyday Carry by Rick Keyes on the Official Blog of Knesek Guns, Inc.

What are some of the items that experts recommend that prepared citizens carry on their persons every day? Find out in this article from the folks over at Knesek Guns. This blog post covers the essential Every Day Carry (EDC) for the armed citizen and the unarmed citizen alike. The author even gives specific examples of the items that he carries every day by type and brand.

Warning From a Federal Officer by Silent Prepper on PrepperCentral

This is an interesting piece from an employee at a law enforcement supplier that recently received an unofficial “travel advisory” from a federal law enforcement officer when he was in the shop the other day. You can interpret it for yourselves. I found it interesting myself.

If you found a prepping gem on the web this week, chime in and help out your fellow prepper by posting a link in the comments section!

It’s Friday! Word On The Web

I have decided to test out a new format and make the “Word On The Web” a regular in the Friday time slot. If you have any feedback it would be greatly appreciated. Just leave any feedback in the comments section. So without any further ado, here is this weeks word on the web!

Take the Test to See If You Might Be Considered a “Potential Terrorist” By Government Officials by George Washington on ZeroHedge

A piece that touches on a very serious subject but also was a bit entertaining in my opinion, George Washington himself points out that, “There have been so many anti-terrorism laws passed since 9/11 that it is hard to keep up on what kinds of things might get one on a “list” of suspected bad guys. We’ve prepared this quick checklist so you can see if you might be doing something which might get hassled. The following actions may get an American citizen living on U.S. soil labeled as a “suspected terrorist” today.”

If You Can’t Protect It, You Don’t Own It from The Coming Depression Blog

This almost seems to be a conglomeration of blog posts but I felt that it contained a sizable amount of pertinent information about home defense. The article contains information on security measures in a disaster, the best firearm for a child or first time user, best firearm and pistol for home protection, ammunition selection, assault rifles/long-range weapons, and a few other firearm related topics. I found that the article was thought-provoking and that reading it was time well spent.

21 Facts About America’s Decaying Infrastructure That Will Blow Your Mind from The Economic Collapse Blog

This piece I found very insightful into the problems that our country is facing with our unmaintained infrastructure and the fact that the United States is literally falling apart. The first four sentences of the article really set the tone when they say that, “You can tell a lot about a nation by the condition of the infrastructure.  So what does our infrastructure say about us?  It says that we are in a very advanced state of decay.  At this point, much of America is being held together with spit, duct tape and prayers.”

Gold Is Manipulated (But That’s Okay) from Lew Rockwell by Chris Martenson

Chris Martenson interviews Mat Stein about his book When Technology Fails: A Manual for Self-Reliance, Sustainability, and Surviving the Long Emergency and the personal resiliency measures Mat recommends for almost everyone to consider.

Some of the things covered in this interview also cover Mat’s, “universal advice for developing basic preparedness – a 72-hour kit covering the basics needs for living, an emergency plan for your family, lining up local and out-of-town contacts, etc. – and discusses specifics on what gear to procure and steps to take in unexpected emergencies.”

The Natural Route to Pain Relief by Tess Pennington of Ready Nutrition

In this article Tess covers some of the great ways to naturally relieve pain without putting toxins into your body. She’ll ask you if you’ve, “Got a headache?  Here, have some Tylenol! Did you pull a muscle exercising?  Motrin might help! Pain happens, and there’s a pill for nearly every pain. But what happens if the pharmacies are closed? There are other options besides popping a pill – give these methods a try!”

I hope that some of these links are helpful to you or at a minimum provided a new resource for you to find additional preparedness information.

If you have a preparedness link that is useful or a prepping website that you rely on to make sure you are ready for anything, please share it with us!

12 Planks of Modern Survivalism – Jack Spirko

Those of you who have been following the blog for a while know that I am a fan of Jack Spirko. For those of you who are newer followers or first time readers, I am a fan of Jack Spirko who is best known for his work at The Survival Podcast. Jack originally started his podcast a few years back and recorded from his VW Jetta on his daily commute. Since his humble beginnings, he has grown his podcast to a daily audience in the tens of thousands of listeners and makes several appearances at events as a keynote speaker across the United States every year. Today’s post is a YouTube video of a presentation that Jack gave earlier this year on his philosophy of ‘The Twelve Planks of Modern Survivalism at the Liberty Forum 2012 that is an annual event by the Free State Project in New Hampshire. I listened to this keynote when Jack first made it available on The Survival Podcast and thoroughly enjoyed it and felt that it would be a valuable presentation to pass along.

If you have a favorite YouTube video, survival presentation, or preparedness article please post a link in the comments section below so that other readers can check it out!

If you enjoyed what Jack had to say, make sure to check him out:

Jack’s Podcast – The Survival Podcast

Jack’s Business Podcast – 5 Minutes With Jack

Jack’s Business Forum – The Road To 100K

Jack’s Agriculture Site – AgriTrue

Jack’s Facebook

Jack’s YouTube – survivalpodcasting

Jack’s Twitter Handle – @thesurvivalpodc

Jack’s Zello Network – The Survival Podcast Network