Preparing Your Child For Emergencies

Preparing Your Child for Emergencies

One of the hardest things to talk about with our children is what to do if there is an emergency. We don’t want to scare our kids, but we want to make sure they are prepared in case something happens such as a fire, natural disaster, or in this day and age, a terrorist attack. One way to make it fun and easy for a child to participate in emergency planning is to make it fun for them. FEMA has a lot of free resources for disaster planning that are made specifically for children. Don’t know where to start for your family’s emergency preparedness? We’ve gathered some tips to help you and your children get started!


Make a Plan 

Tip #1 is to make a emergency plan for what to do if there is an emergency of any kind. Children need to know that their family has rules set in place for them to follow if there is danger. First, pick a designated adult to contact in case of emergency. Things will be less hectic if one person is the go to for calls or text messages in case of emergency. Next, choose a fire escape plan for your home or apartment. Make sure you have two exits for each room and designate a meeting place outside and away from any dangers (roads, water sources, woods). For example, a specific tree in your back yard, maybe even a neighbors house if they live next to you. For emergencies when not at home, pick a location where everyone can meet, like a park or school.

Memorize Useful Information 

Tip #2 is to have your child memorize key pieces of information in case of emergency. Their name, address, phone number, and birthday are essential to know if your child needs to ask for help. Parents names are also important, however if your child is too young to remember this information, make sure it is written down on a card and kept in your child’s backpack at all times. Teach your child to carry their backpack in an emergency and the information will always be safe and ready at hand.

Pack Your Child With Essentials 

Tip #3 is to begin your child with a small readiness pack to carry with them in case they need it. Things to pack could include a small first aid kit with bandages and antiseptic ointment (get permission from school nurse), reflective material, emergency whistle, small flashlight, water bottle, protein snack and small comforts like candy or a stuffed animal. These things will help your child should an emergency arise at school and you are separated from them.

Emergencies At Home 

Tip #4 is to make an emergency response kit for your household to keep at home. This should include emergency food rations, water, blankets, flashlights, extra batteries, eating utensils, paper plates, whistle, can opener, blankets, hand-crank radio, first aid kit, and baby supplies if needed.

Practice Brings Progress 

Tip #5 is practice, practice, practice. Having a plan for emergencies will not help your family unless you practice those skills into your child’s memory. Practicing can also be a fun way of letting your child show you how much they have learned!

It’s All In The Family 

Tip #6 is to allow your child to be an advocate for emergency planning. Encourage them to talk to their neighbors, friends, extended family, church members, little league team and just about anyone else about the plan they helped create for the family. It will assist your child with retaining the information and spread the word about emergency preparedness planning in a cute and positive way.

Now that you have some ideas, start implementing! In no time you could have your children ready in the face of danger, emergencies, or disasters. Being prepared will allow your family to enjoy their lives to the fullest and worry less about what could happen.

This article was a guest submission from Lee Flynn who is a freelance writer and expert in emergency food preparedness and food storage.

Survival Sunday – 8.2.2015

In this weeks edition of Survival Sunday: Gang Violence, What Food Storage Is Best, Conquering Self-Doubt, Surviving The Drought, Hand & Surface Hygiene, Forgotten Storage Foods, Setting Up A Prepper Cell, Making A DIY Wire Toaster, and 5 More.

Survival Sunday

It’s August already! I do not know where the time has gone. I do know this, we have only five months left in the year and I have a quite a few unfinished goals for the year. I need to get busy!

As far as what I did this week, mostly medical appointments and work as always which included the opportunity to attend countless meetings that failed to accomplish anything. That may not be completely fair but that is how I feel. I am sure that there are many of you who can relate. I did some volunteer work this weekend but mostly stayed close to home because I was on call for work.

I did add 20 gallons of water to our preparations this week and ordered the WaterBOB to allow us to store another 100 gallons of water in a quick manner if we need to.

Other than that, nothing to report (unless you want to hear about the repeated strokes I think I have suffered by accidentally seeing the news from time to time). It scares me that my children have to grow up with everything that is happening in modern society.

Here are this week’s discoveries:

Violent Street Gangs Launch Shocking Contest: “Kill 100 People In 100 Days” – In the event that the shootings that are happening across the United States at random aren’t enough reason to take your security into your own hands, now two street gangs of L.A. have dedicated themselves to killing 100 people in 100 days.

Mac may have said it best when he points out that,

In California, where strict firearms restrictions make it nearly impossible for most to carry a personal defense weapon, residents are left with two options. They either need to stay home and away from the public. Or, if confronted or shot, they can call the police who will arrive several minutes after the fact.

I would say that there is a third option as well, don’t live in California and carry a gun with you everywhere you go. I like #3.

Which Type Of Food Storage Is Best? – A common question in preparedness, this is a comprehensive look at the pros and cons of: Commercially Canned Foods, Home Canned Foods, Commercially Dehydrated Foods, Home Dehydrated Foods, Frozen Foods, & Freeze Dried Foods.

An Open Letter To Preppers: How To Conquer Self-Doubt – It can be relatively easy to wonder if the time, resources, and thought that goes into prepping is worth it or not. This letter covers some of the strategies to help overcome self-doubt.

Surviving The Drought: 25 Easy Ways To Conserve Water – A lack of water can be a driver for making some tough decisions but when it comes to water, these tips are great for any situation where you would like to stretch the use of your water.

Hand & Surface Hygiene When There’s No Water To Spare – Hygiene and sanitation is vital to survival, especially following a disaster. A majority of the deaths that tend to occur after large scale disasters across the world can be attributed not following appropriate hygiene and sanitation practices which leads to disease and ultimately death.

14 Foods You Might Have Forgotten To Store – This is a great reminder that despite your best efforts, it is easy to overlook items. It is also good to reiterate that storing comfort items is a good idea as well.

Setting Up A Prepper Cell – The military has proven itself ten times over and this article takes a look at using the military’s basic cell framework to set up a prepper group. It is a great starting point if you are looking to form a preparedness group.

Make A DIY Wire Toaster – Whether it is for camping, your bug out bag, or in the back yard after a disaster, this DIY toaster is a simple project that would even be great for kids to make.

Living Within Your Means – Here are a few simple ways to help you live within your means.

More madness in the world:

Cecil The Lion – Ok, I get it; the dude killed a lion which evidently he thought was legal to do. I could be wrong, but would he really pay $55K if he knew it was illegal? What doesn’t pass the common sense test is the number of people who think that killing Dr. Palmer is going to help. Cecil the lion was also projected onto the Empire State building. It is just crazy to think that thousands of unborn children are aborted EVERY DAY in America and yet the only thing we have a problem with is a lion being killed.

Never mind the fact that in the course of an average day it is estimated that 22 military veterans commit suicide. Who cares though because a lion got killed, right? As long as the lions are ok, my fellow veterans can just keep offing themselves.

The Clinton’s Love Expensive Haircuts – You may or may not recall that in 1993 President Bill Clinton tied up half of LAX’s runways while Air Force One idled its engines for almost an hour while the president got what, “may have been the most expensive haircut in history” at a cost of $200.

Now we find ourselves 12 years into the future and Hillary Clinton, running for president herself, was the recipient of a $600 haircut that the Washington Times was happy to point out is more than the average American makes in a week. She wants to be president and thinks that American need a higher “living wage” but she lives a lifestyle that doesn’t seem to match up.

Speaking of the Clinton’s, Hillary “Stop Climate Change” Clinton was spotted recently at the airport in Des Moines, Iowa boarding a gas guzzling private jet that if her theory about climate change is correct, is killing the environment in a slow and painful manner. However, referencing the paragraph above, it looks like the idling of Air Force One by #42 was a contributor to the problems that Mrs. Clinton thinks we are facing, even though she doesn’t give a rodent’s behind about it.

Kentucky man faces felony charges for protecting privacy by shooting drone hovering over his backyard… Yes, we have reached the point where you have to be concerned about every little thing that might fly over your house. At least the black helicopters were louder and much easier to spot, eh?

Indicted Democrat Flying on Air Force One with Obama

That’s a wrap for me this week. As always, I hope that you all have had a great week and keep getting ready for tough times. It seems like we get closer every day to something unfortunate coming along.

If you found something that you would like to share with the group or have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me at

Come back next week for another edition of Survival Sunday.

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Survival Sunday – 7.26.2015

In this weeks edition of Survival Sunday: Enhancing Situational Awareness, Dacha Farms, Powerless Laundry, What Happens After TEOTWAWKI, Firearms Production, Pros & Cons Of Being Suburban Prepper, Are You Living An Outsourced Life? plus 4 More.

Survival Sunday

This week has been fairly routine for me. I am pleased to have my family back with me under the same roof. Their absence over the last two weeks got me thinking about how things would be if we were to be separated when a disaster hit. Honestly, the thought is terrifying to me but it is a reality that should be contemplated. If that were the case, I just hope that I am the one in hardship and not them.

I don’t have any significant accomplishments to report this week in terms of being better prepared for the unexpected. I wish this were not the case but the reality is that whether it is due to time, finances, lack of opportunity, or even something that my wife and I don’t agree on, not every week will result in being more prepared than the previous week.

I almost forgot, I saw the Minions movie with my wife and sons. I love those guys!


Here’s what I managed to find this week:

5 Ways To Enhance Your Situational Awareness – The term “situational awareness” is a buzzword in the preparedness arena and as such, tends to be written off sometimes. Regardless, a tenet to surviving is the ability to tune in to what is happening around you.

How The “Dacha Farms” Made Russia Self-Sufficient – What would the United States be like if the majority of our food was grown within our own borders? These farms in Russia have the capacity to provide greater than half of the food in the country, an impressive feat. Come to think of it, maybe the better question to ask would be something along the lines of, what would it look like if the food grown in the United States was consumed by the people in the United States?

Which Powerless Laundry System Is Best? – Deployed to Iraq three separate times, I have a little experience with powerless laundry. This article covers the topic fairly well. I will say this much, if you are doing laundry by hand you are going to have clothing that looks dirtier than what you are used to. It will just be your new reality.

What Happens After The End Of TEOTWAWKI? – What would we do if the things fell apart and we were forced to rebuild the country from the ground up? There are many who speculate that, at the rate we are going, the United States may find out sooner instead of later.

Firearms Production Has More Than Doubled Since Obama Took Office – This is not a surprise to me at all but it does say something about how people are feeling about the current climate of America.

The Pros & Cons Of Being A Suburban Prepper – There are several key points that demand consideration in this article. Even if you don’t live in a suburban or urban area, it is worth contemplating what types of situations would keep you where you are and what might be the decision point to bug out.

Are You Living An Outsourced Life? – When I read this, I found myself thinking back to my own life and I was surprised at how much has changed in just the last three decades that I have been alive.

Is there a good solution for the ever-growing national debt in America? Former U.S. Senator from the State of Oklahoma discusses the debt and a potential plan of action (which I happen to like) in a USA Today OpEd titled, ‘Tom Coburn: A deficit of debt discussion‘.

More madness in the world:

Seattle’s Nanny State Is “Deputizing Trashmen As Secret Police” To Snoop Through Wastebins – It seems as though the Emerald City has taken it upon itself to ensure that anything that can be composted, is. This is from City of Seattle Ordinances #121372, 124313, & 124582 along with Director’s Rule SW-402.1. F.Y.I. Seattle…unless you’re growing a giant garden, compostable items are going to break down in a compost pile or the landfill just the same.

Karl Rove: Only Way To Stop The Violence Is To Repeal Second Amendment – Excuse me? ‘Cause there are not other countries who actually did remove this right from it’s citizens and still have mass murders, right?

Former U.S. General Calls For Rounding Up & Interning “Radicalized” & “Disloyal” Americans – General (Ret.) Wesley Clark thinks it might be a good idea to put people in internment camps like it is World War II. Just be careful what you say around this guy!

That’s a wrap for me this week. As always, I hope that you all have had a great week and keep getting ready for tough times. It seems like we get closer every day to something unfortunate coming along.

If you found something that you would like to share with the group or have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me at

Come back next week for another edition of Survival Sunday.

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Cooking With The Sun After TEOTWAWKI

Cooking With The Sun After TEOTWAWKI

One of the greatest concerns in any sort of disaster is how you will be able to feed yourself and your loved ones. Depending on the scenario, the challenge of feeding yourself can fall along a wide spectrum when considering the degree of difficulty involved.

In a post-collapse scenario there a few concerns:

If you have read any type of post-apoctalyptic fiction (my favorites are the Survivalist Series by A. American and The New World Series by G. Michael Hopf), you are probably familiar with the concern of starting a fire because of the smell and smoke that it generates that some of these characters experienced.

There is also the concern of fuel for your cooking source. Whether it is a stove, grill, or open fire; you need fuel and that can often be a finite resource.

Even if the scenario is not as extreme as a total collapse, like something more mild such as a power outage or very localized natural disaster, there is a need to be able to provide food for you and your loved ones.


I was previously familiar with the idea of cooking with a solar or sun oven, but I was not entirely aware of the actual possibilities that are available with a sun oven. At least that was the case until last week. Last Thursday I had the privilege of hosting a webinar with Paul Munsen, the owner of the All American Sun Oven company. With 28 years behind the design, manufacture, and use of these sun ovens, Paul taught me a lot about what the sun can do for us in preparing food and a whole lot more.

Some of the things that Paul spoke about include:

  • How to use the Sun Oven to:
    1. Cook all types of food from 21 pound turkeys to awesome baked beans, bread, and more.
    2. Naturally dehydrate fruits, vegetables, and meats.
    3. Boil or pasteurize water.
    4. Brew sun tea.
    5. Kill infestations in grains or dried foods.
    6. Heat water for hygiene and sanitation.
    7. Sterilize medical instruments.
    8. Dry firewood.
    9. Enhance winter sprouting.
  • What makes the design and manufacturing of the All American Sun Oven a higher quality than hand made or other solar cookers.
  • The broad spectrum of locations and conditions that the Sun Oven can be used in.
  • Potential utility and energy savings that can be gained from using a Sun Oven.
  • How easy the Sun Oven is use and maintain.
  • The role that the Sun Oven plays around the world, especially in disaster ravaged areas and third world countries.
  • With regular maintenance, the Sun Oven will last for decades.
  • And a whole lot more!

It was a knowledge packed webinar and left me with plenty of food for thought (pun intended). I love the idea that the Sun Oven is not only a great option to have if things go south, it is a great cooking option now for a myriad of reasons.

In addition to the wealth of knowledge that Paul shared, he has graciously put together a Sun Oven package valued at $448 that is specially priced for Prepared Ninja readers at only $315, a savings of 30%! This package includes:

  • 1 – All American Sun Oven
  • Set of 3 – Dehydrating & Baking Rack Set
  • 2 – Easy Stack Pots
  • 1 – Multi-Fuel Water Pastuerizing Indicator
  • 2 – Loaf Pans
  • 1 – Cloudy Day Cube Stove w/ 12 Fuel Disks/Fire Starters
  • 1 – Sun Oven eCookbook & Emergency Preparedness CD w/ 600 recipes, hundreds of pictures, video clips, and much more!
  • FREE Shipping!

You just have to use the coupon code ‘PreparedNinjaWebinar’ when you checkout.

If you did miss the Sun Oven webinar, or made it but would like to listen to it again, Paul has selflessly provided a replay of the Sun Oven Essentials Cooking Class, but the replay is only available for the next couple of days.

Watch the replay while it is still available!

Once Monday, July 27th hits, the webinar replay will be taken down and the HUGE savings will disappear.


photo credit: Your Sun Now [HD Video] via photopin (license)

Survival Sunday – 7.19.2015

In this weeks edition of Survival Sunday: Remodeling A Manufactured Home For Security, Micro-Caches, Prepper Load Plans, Different Faces of Doomsday, Buy A Handgun First, The Meaning Of Tribe, & 6 More.

Survival Sunday

This week was a little different for me because I have been living the bachelor life while my wife and boys visited with family out of state. It is not something that I am used to and honestly, I would just assume not live without my wife and kids. Isn’t that kinda the point of having a family? However, I have made the best of it by enjoying the food that I don’t get to make when everyone else is around.

I also purchased what I have dubbed the “post-apocalyptic lawnmower”. We recently moved and our new house has a small yard . We needed a lawnmower and I didn’t see the point in buying anything more than a reel mower. As a bonus, if doomsday comes, the mower will still work. That is assuming of course that the need to cut the grass is still a priority.

Lastly, I have never really had much to do with eastern or alternative medicine but after being diagnosed with a chronic pain condition last year, it became something worth looking into. I have started acupuncture which, while not comfortable when actually getting stabbed with a needle, seems to be making a difference.

Something that has also been working for me is biofeedback; a process where you use your body’s feedback which is gained from electrical sensors hooked up to your body that measure muscle movement, respirations, heart rate, and perspiration to help your mind control your body. Additionally, essential oils seem to be helping.

It has been an eye opening experience and has not only provided an alternative to pharmaceuticals, it has helped me realize the possibilities in medicine are not all tied to modern practices.

On a side note, you can see my P.A.L. (Post-Apocalyptic Lawnmower) in the picture below.

Here are my favorite finds this week:

Strategic Relocation: How To Remodel A Manufactured Home For Security – Written by renowned strategic relocation expert, Joel Skousen, this article is quite impressive and outlines strategic improvements that can be made to a manufactured home to make it more secure (including an under deck safe room with a secret entrance).

A Green Beret’s Guide To Micro-Cache Escape & Evasion Systems: “Plan B” – This is about the idea of putting together thee small caches that can be put together as a but out bag; this article provides a scenario that reveals where the micro-caches are placed and what is in them.

Prepper Load Plans – Lessons Learned Now – Don’t Wait! – This  is an actual account of an individual who had a plan to get out using a trailer and learned a lesson the hard way. Having a load plan and practicing it is the only sure way to make your bug out plan work.

Different Faces of Doomsday – It’s Not All Gas Masks And Underground Bunkers – I happen to share these same thoughts. Compliments of shows like Doomsday Preppers, there is a lot of hype about things like gas masks and underground bunkers in the prepper world but there is not a one size fits all approach to preparedness.

Why A Handgun Should Be Your First SHTF Weapon Purchase For Self-Defense – M.D. Creekmore weighs in on the ongoing debate of the what is the best type of gun to have for survival. He makes some solid points that support getting a handgun first. I happen to agree.

Welcome To The Horde: What Tribe Really Means – We live in a society where the terms: tribalism, tribes, clans, and septs don’t mean much but family, oaths, and leadership should be. This is good insight about a concept that could be more applicable if you find yourself in a post-collapse society.

Evasion Skills Considerations For The Evader, Part One & Part Two – Here is a look at some of the considerations that should be made if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to escape and evade.

Argentine & Greek Collapse: 12 Similarities, Differences, & Lessons Learned – Fernando “FERFAL” Aguirre lived through the economic collapse in Argentina; this is his comparison between his experiences and how this are happening in Greece.

Need evidence that storing water is a good idea? – City Of Bangkok May Run Out Of Water This Month

Here is a great recipe for Corn Pone that can be made exclusively with storage foods.

More madness in the world:

Obama’s Plan To Take Guns From Seniors & The Disabled – I have seen the attempts by the VA to remove gun ownership rights from veterans, but this is a new move.

That’s a wrap for me this week. As always, I hope that you all have had a great week and keep getting ready for tough times. It seems like we get closer every day to something unfortunate coming along.

If you found something that you would like to share with the group or have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me at

Come back next week for another edition of Survival Sunday.

If you appreciate the content here on The Prepared Ninja, I would love it if you left a comment or shared a post with your friends or loved ones! We are all in this together after all, right? With that being said, it does cost me money every month to keep The Prepared Ninja up and running. If the site does help you and you would like to help support it, you can provide monetary support to help keep things going via PayPal here. Thank you!

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