Black River Outpost’s September Sale

Black River Outpost’s September Sale

A couple of good friends of mine, Rob and Don, from Black River Outpost are currently holding their September Sale during the, uh…month of September! Thinking ahead, aside from the obvious need to prepare yourself, the timing of this sale is perfect. Take advantage of these sale prices to take care of some of those Christmas presents. Maybe this will be the year that you actually get things taken care of early.

You can check out the picture of the sale flyer below but I am pretty excited about a few things that are featured.

  1. Atwood Paracord – You can’t have enough paracord! At this price, get plenty of it.
  2. Live Fire Sport – Waterproof, lightweight, long-burning, compact, and suitable for a variety of purposes, these emergency fire starters are super handy and are great to have in your bags, kits, vehicles, camping gear, and just about anywhere.
  3. Ka-Bar Working Hunter Knife – Every preparedness minded person needs a good knife. Ka-Bar has an extraordinary reputation among sportsmen and is the knife of choice for the United States Marine Corps.
  4. Adventure Medical First Aid 2.0 – A first aid kit is another necessity for anyone really, but especially for preppers. I like these kits by Adventure Medical because they are about the same price as the crappy kits you can get at the drug store, but offer a whole lot more.
  5. Sawyer MINI Water Filter – This is the premier personal use water filter on the market today. It does everything the expensive filters do, but for less than $20. They also come in several colors including black, blue, green, orange, and pink so you can be fashionable and prepared at the same time.

In addition to the September Sale, Rob and Don are currently featuring several items, at deeply discounted prices, in their Bug-Out Bargains section. They currently have some great stuff including bags, books, sleeping bags, and even my favorite flashlight!

Trauma Essentials For The Prepper

The month of September is National Preparedness Month and this year The Prepared Bloggers are once again bringing you a great 30 day series on how to be better prepared in 2015.

My contribution this year revolves around the essentials of trauma care for the prepper. I hope you enjoy it!

Trauma Essentials For The Prepper

Any preparedness strategy would be incomplete without taking a multi-pronged approach. Of the several prongs included in such a strategy, medical equipment, supplies, and skills are vital to include. It seems like every time I am in one of the big box stores I notice that there are usually a couple of plastic boxes filled with band-aids that are labeled as first aid kits. The problem with these kits is that they are best suited for decoration and not saving the life of another person. Such a basic kit is great for patching up paper cuts but it won’t handle heavy bleeding, fractures, or breathing difficulties.

As a prepper, when it comes to your medical preparedness, it takes a concentrated effort to assemble a functional medical kit capable of handling the challenges you may face. Any number of injuries and health conditions should be able to be addressed with a preppers medical kit, thus reinforcing the idea that off the shelf first aid kits are not adequate. Just because someone says it is a tool, doesn’t make it the right tool for the job.

Equipment & Supplies

A variety of equipment and supplies should be considered for inclusion in your kit. The centralized principle around your kit, and medical kits in general, should be the ability to treat the injuries that you are most likely to encounter. So, if you do a lot of climbing like re-roofing the homestead, your primary concern might be falls. This makes it a good idea to consider including medical supplies that can be used to treat orthopedic injuries like sprains and fractures.

The most important thing behind knowing the concerns you face is that your medical kit is capable of treating common injuries and life threats along with knowing that whoever the person is going to use the kit being proficient in using the kit’s contents.

A prepper’s medical kit will vary from person to person but should address the following areas at a minimum: Airway/Breathing, Blood Control, Orthopedic Injuries, Wound Care/Misc, and Monitoring & Diagnostics.

An example of the bare minimum medical kit (enough to treat one or more casualties for an individual or family prepper might look like this:


  • 1 Each – Nasopharyngeal Airway
  • 1 Each – Water Soluble Lubricant (Package)
  • 2 Each – Chest Seals (Hyfin, Bolin, HALO, etc.)

Blood Control:

  • 1 Each – Tourniquet (Special Operations Forces Tactical – Tourniquet or Combat Application Tourniquet)
  • 2 Each – Emergency Trauma Dressing (6”)
  • 1 Each – Emergency Trauma Dressing, Abdominal
  • 1 Package – QuikClot (50 Gram or 2X 25 Gram)
  • 1 Each – Kerlix Gauze Dressing
  • 10 Each – Band-Aids (Assorted Sizes)
  • 10 Each – 2 X 2 Gauze Pads
  • 5 Each – 4 X 4 Gauze Pads
  • 2 Each – Steri-Strips or Butterfly Closures

Orthopedic Injuries:

Wound Care/Misc:

  • 1 Each – Syringe (10 cc)
  • 5 Pair – Exam Gloves
  • 1 Each – Waterproof Medical Tape (1” or Larger)
  • 1 Tube – Antibiotic Ointment
  • 10 Each – Alcohol Pads
  • 1 Each – Trauma Shears
  • 1 Each – Headlamp
  • 1 Each – Space Blanket
  • 2 Each – One Gallon Freezer Bags

Monitoring & Diagnostics:

All of these items are designed to be used for a specific purpose and for the most part, only a minimal amount of research and/or training is required to make all of this work (YouTube University is Great! But choose wisely.). Items that can be used for more than one purpose are even better.


Competence is imperative, especially when in reference to medical skills. A rogue practitioner of medicine is a danger to himself, but mostly others. This is the reality of medicine. All said, while there are dangers, some risks can be mitigated through training and practice.

Some ways to minimize risk/harm when providing medical care:

  1. Do not attempt to use unfamiliar supplies or equipment and make sure that you practice how they are used and study what it is used for.
  2. If there is more risk associated with the situation and the involved parties than the procedure will offer, postpone treatment at a minimum.
  3. Even if you have the skillset, do not allow yourself to feel like you must do something that you are uncomfortable with.
  4. Consider networking with others who have medical skills as a way to mitigate at least some risk.
  5. If possible, consider going through medical training with your group as a way to alleviate the responsibility of all medical care being performed by one person. This is also important to have if something happens to the group medic.

It is also a good idea to have hard copies of medical related books on hand as a reference.

One of the leading books on medicine for the prepper today is The Survival Medicine Handbook: A Guide For When Help Is Not On The Way by Dr. Joseph Alton AKA “Dr. Bones.” It has received much praise and many positive reviews.

I also think that having knowledge of pharmaceuticals or at least access to this information is paramount. A good reference does not have to be expensive either. One of my favorite references is the Tarascan Pocket Pharmacoepia because it is compact enough to put in a pocket. Having information about medications can help you understand what a person is taking or if you are able to scavenge medications, you can look them up and see what they are for.

Here are a few other suggestions:

Where can you get these skills?

Short of attending specialty training to become a certified health professional, you likely will not learn advanced procedures. The good news is that there are options out there to learn foundational skills in the medical arena. A simple internet search can reveal several of these opportunities that are available in your local area to get medical training. Some to consider include:

  • Preparedness Expos – Many expositions and conferences geared toward preppers typically feature speakers and breakout sessions about medical subjects and skills. These can be either lectures or hands-on demonstrations.
  • Volunteer as a Firefighter – While rewarding to give back and safeguard the welfare of your local community, this is also a viable way to learn emergency medical skills.
  • First Aid Training Courses – The American Red Cross is one of the most prominent providers of basic first aid training and while basic, you will learn what you need to get started.
  • Tactical Training Schools – It is becoming more and more popular for firearm and tactical training programs to include the management of traumatic injuries, especially the ones that may be inflicted by a firearm.
  • Wilderness Schools – Many outdoor training programs usually offer a training path that concentrates on wilderness and emergency medicine.

Unfortunately, there is not a one size fits all solution for ensuring that you or your family have the skills necessary to ensure proper medical coverage for everyone. What is true is that it is better to have the skills and not need them. If you have a problem and don’t have a solution, things can go very bad. The need for medical care will never go away. Arm yourself with the supplies and skills now while things are better off.

September is National Preparedness Month and The Prepared Bloggers are at it again!

September is National Preparedness Month #30DaysofPrep 2015 It’s safe to say that our ultimate goal is to help you have an emergency kit, a family plan, and the knowledge to garden, preserve your harvest and use useful herbs every day – without spending a ton of money to do it. Luckily that’s obtainable for every family and a journey we would love to help you with.

This year we have posts about food storage, 72-hour Kits & Bug Out Bags, and every aspect of preparedness, from water storage to cooking off grid. You’ll also find many ideas to help you be more self-reliant. Look for information on the big giveaway we’ve put together for later in the month.

Be sure to visit our sites and learn as much as you can about being prepared. We’ll be using the hashtag #30DaysOfPrep for these and many other ideas throughout the month of September, so join in the conversation and make 2015 the year you become prepared.

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Monday Mania – 8.24.2015

In this weeks edition of Monday Mania: Could You Really Turn Family Away  During A Disaster?, The Woodland Homestead, 150 Reasons To Be Prepared For Life, Who To Survive A Stock Market Crash, 6 Most Popular Types Of Fuel To Store, and 3 More.

Monday Mania

OK, my personal highlight of the last week was, hands down, having surgery on my right shoulder. It was not a ton of fun but it can always be worse.

I can tell you this much, I would rather have arthroscopic surgery twice in one week instead of having one hernia repair. That is just my opinion based on my own experience. Please do not tell the United States government that I am not being fair because I expressed my thoughts based on what I have actually experienced, whether it lines up with your thoughts or not.

You may be able to sense it but I am really heated this week because it seems like things just continue to go further down the drain as each day goes by.

The stock market is looking like crap in the U.S. so make sure that you keep track on things and get out before it’s too late. You may be best off to take your money out of the stock market and spend it on things that will actually be useful to you if things hit the fan.

The U.S. military is also continuing, one step at a time, to turn itself into a freak show. Is allowing transgenders to openly serve in the military really a good idea?

Just an observation but when George W. Bush was the Commander-In-Chief, the military was not fundamentally “transformed” (pun intended) because of how a very, very small minority percentage of Americans (most who are not, nor ever will be in the military) feel.

I am plain disgusted that we are falling apart at the seams and the organization that we depend on to secure our country and defend the Constitution, is being watered down into a group of people who can’t even decide if the parts that are connected to their body really play into who they are as a person!

This doesn’t even account for the fact that I am an Army veteran, with three combat tours under my belt, who is being told it is not ok to feel this way because it is discriminatory. If you are concerned about discrimination America, treat me equally even if I am a white Caucasian-American, Christian male that feels like I should be entitled to an opinion as well (even if I don’t fall into a small group that is different from the majority).

On top of all else, how am I supposed to look my three sons in the eye and tell them that this is a great place to live and everything is going to be ok?

Rant complete. Enjoy the show.


Could You Really Turn Family Away During A Disaster? – Not an easy question but it is one worth pondering now. These questions are important for making a good decision.

The Woodland Homestead: How To Make Your Land More Productive & Live More Self-Sufficiently In The Woods by Brett McLeod – A book recommendation which will reveal what to do with a woodland parcel and make it into the homestead you would like it to be.

150 Reasons To Be Prepared For Life – We all have our reasons for wanting to be prepared. Here are several more and perhaps, some justification to convince friends or family to prepare themselves.

How To Survive A Stock Market Crash – This is especially timely information that, in spite of last week’s financial performance, could really be of assistance.

The 6 Most Popular Types Of Fuel To Store For Emergencies – Some good pointers on storing different types of fuel for emergencies. It is beneficial to decide what fuel(s) you will store now so that you can plan appropriately for later.

Straight Talk About Expiration Dates – There is a lot of controversy around expiration dates but I think we all know that they are not what they were intended to be.


Indiana Freshmen Can’t Go To School Until They’ve Watched A Musical About How Not To Be Rapists – Stupid. Also, clearly sexist seeing as it is directed towards men.

At This Nevada High School, You Can Have A Gay Club, But Not A Pro-Life Club – This is pretty much par for the course in today’s America, you can believe whatever you want as long as it does not go against the idea of what the establishment thinks you should believe.

That’s a wrap for me this week. As always, I hope that you all have had a great week and keep getting ready for tough times. It seems like we get closer every day to something unfortunate coming along.

If you found something that you would like to share with the group or have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me at

Come back next week for another edition of Survival Sunday.

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Start Prepping by Tim Young – Book Review

Start Prepping

Start Prepping: Get Prepared – For Life

by Tim Young – Book Review

Naturally, as a blogger within the survival and preparedness niche, I have a keen interest in all things related to it. This often means reading books related to the field and having read quite a few so far, I have seen all kinds (good, bad, and indifferent).

One of the things that I often struggle with when reading preparedness related books is the fact that some seem to be aimed toward the beginner or veteran but to a fault.

What I mean by this is that prepping books aimed at beginning preppers can be so simplified that you don’t get much out of them and vice versa, the book for the prepping veteran can be so advanced that if you don’t have an engineering degree, you won’t be able to accomplish any of the projects discussed.

Having said all of that, the latest book that I read, Start Prepping!: Get Prepared – For Life, the newest of several books from Tim Young of the website, It is a great book that I feel everyone can get something out of. I can honestly say that I was impressed as soon as I got through the introduction because it created buy-in on the part of the reader right away.

Instead of telling me why I should like the book, the introduction demonstrated to me why the information in the book is important to me and made me believe that prepping was indeed in my best interest.

Tim takes the time to educate his readers. I appreciate the fact that he spends time pointing out that preparedness is not an activity that only on the fringe lunatics participate in, almost everyone is a prepper! Tim outlines that you might be a prepper if you:

  • Carry a spare tire in your car.
  • Have a life insurance policy.
  • Ever practiced an emergency drill (fire, earthquake, etc.).
  • Take a diaper bag with you when you go out with a baby.

That last one really does drive home the fact that being prepared is not only a normal activity, it is one that we should all do. After all, if you have a baby that you are responsible for, you know that not every time you leave the house that the baby is going to need a bottle or pacifier…but you darn well better bring it because you know there is a chance you will need it and you want to be ready if you do. Why? Because it is really painful to navigate life with a crying baby and no way to calm them down.

So it can be said for navigating a natural disaster and not having water, food, a safe place to stay, and so on and so on. Yes, there are people on TV who are “preppers” that do outrageous things but that is for ratings and certainly does not reflect the prudence that people exercise when making sure that they have an option other than relying on the government or certain death when facing a disaster.

The guiding principle throughout Start Prepping! is that of the 10-Step Path to Preparedness which lays out 10 steps that can be combined together that will result in a very solid foundation for any prepper. From water storage to obtaining additional skills, Start Prepping! covers everything that the veteran or novice prepper needs to ensure their plan is complete.

A definite selling point for me is the fact that each chapter stands alone from the others. Because of the 10-Step approach, you can read the chapter on food storage and get a wealth of information on that specific topic that you can use without having to have read the chapter on water.

Another great thing that I liked about Start Prepping! is the fact that Tim does not just write a chapter about a subject and leave it at that. Integrated into each chapter there is a ‘Checkpoint’ or ‘Challenge’ where Tim has a couple of questions to ponder or points to help you take the information and move forward with it.

Start Prepping! is not only relevant, it is well put together. I told you that the introduction alone has me sold on reading the book but it is also so logical in how Tim put it together. I can tell that this is not the first book he has written, that much is true. I enjoyed that, while I can read the book out of order, if reading from the beginning the reader will gain a great understanding of why to prep, the threats that make prepping relevant (there are more than you would imagine), and the steps that every prepper should take to get prepared.

This book is great for new preppers or those who are thinking about getting into prepping. It would be a great gift for a friend or family member who you know is not prepared or needs a plan to help get them on the right track.

I probably need to make the best point of all…isn’t a few dollars spent on this book worth far more if the information in it results in you, your loved ones, and friends being the best prepared they can be for a disaster? It’s a great return on your investment and I am confident that you will not be disappointed with Start Prepping!.

Lastly, the listed resources that Tim has included with his book are so valuable that it is worth the price of admission without including the numerous tips, tricks, and pointers sprinkled throughout the book. Don’t miss the prepper challenges and lists at the end of the book!

There really is no way to outline how much help this book will help actually you in just a blog post, but I know that it will be worth your time and money.

You can view every title by Tim Young on Amazon or his website.

Monday Mania – 8.17.2015

In this weeks edition of Monday Mania: Top 3 Threats To All Preppers, Is Being Prepared Expensive?, Prepper Questions I Can’t Answer, Getting Them Prepared-Helping The Helpless Emergency Binder, 4 Tips To Help Quit Soda, and 3 More.

Monday Mania

First of all, I want to start by saying that I appreciate each and every one of you who takes the time to read the words I share here on my site. It is a great honor for me to try to help anyone that I can. If there is something I can do to help you, please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email at

Last week was a blur for me. I spent most of my time just trying to take care of the usual, every day activities in my life. While most everything was routine, I was pretty stoked about one thing. The highlight of my week was getting a chance to play drums with my band at a pretty good sized event. We play classic rock and some oldie’s and with four guys who are mostly out of our prime, it was a blast!

I am really pleased with the WaterBOB that I ordered. It was exactly what I expected. I know that it will be there and function properly if something happens and we really need those extra 100 gallons of water. It is a great form of insurance. I pay thousands of dollars a year in different forms of insurance and yet $23 for the WaterBOB seems like a better value for my money compared to all the insurance I pay for.

The essential oil diffuser that I got is also something that I have been very happy with. I don’t know if the diffused oils have directly impacted my pain at all but I do know that it has been very calming which reduces my stress that in turn helps prevent pain flare-ups. So far, my favorite has been the doTERRA Peppermint Essential Oil followed by the doTERRA Lavender Essential Oil.

Lastly, I will be having surgery tomorrow on my right shoulder to get things cleaned up and if you feel so inclined, I would appreciate any prayers or well wishes that you want to send my way.

Here are this week’s discoveries:

Top 3 Threats To All Preppers – There are a lot of threats in the world. As preppers, we tend to identify the threats we face fairly well. While maybe not the top three threats to everyone, these threats warrant some consideration for sure.

Is Being Prepared Expensive? – The answer to this is of course, yes and no. I go into further depth in my latest article for Personal Liberty Digest.

Prepper Questions I Can’t Answer – This is a great article from Jim Cobb over at Survival Weekly. Jim discusses some of the common questions preppers ask, but each of us will have a different answer to each one. Check out his insight and see what you think.

Getting Them Prepared-Helping The Helpless Emergency Binder – I have heard and read plenty about the idea of an emergency binder but this is a new take for me. An emergency binder to me was always somewhere where a prepper kept important information together. Dale and Lisa over at Survivalist Prepper put together this great article and podcast about putting together an emergency binder for those in your life who don’t see the importance of being prepared.

4 Tips To Help Quit Soda – This is near and dear to me because it is something that I have struggled with in the past and continue to struggle with (although not as bad as I did before). You may wonder how this pertains to preparedness. I think that being in better health would be ideal if things go bad as well as the fact that soda won’t be available if a long-term disaster occurs.

Going Off The Grid-How To Make Your Home Self-Sufficient – It is my dream to one day live a more self-sufficient lifestyle. This article covers some key areas and the options available to live a more self-sufficient lifestyle.

Southwestern Cities Forced Onto “90-Day Supply Of Water” After Toxic EPA Spill Contaminates Entire River – Just in case you need even more proof that keeping water on hand as well as a way to get more clean drinking water is a good idea.

More madness in the world:

Sweden’s Response To Violent Migrants: Stop Selling Knives, And Protect Immigrants From ‘Backlash’ – The United States is a few decades behind our friends in Europe. This should scare you because it is only a matter of time until we experience the same things unless we make a change.

That’s a wrap for me this week. As always, I hope that you all have had a great week and keep getting ready for tough times. It seems like we get closer every day to something unfortunate coming along.

If you found something that you would like to share with the group or have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me at

Come back next week for another edition of Survival Sunday.

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The path to preparedness

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